dove le idee prendono forma
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marted́, 04 ottobre 2022

Image Unlike other expressions of art, sculpture needs appropriate structures to produce works and an intimate knowledge of the materials. Limited spaces, lack of suitable tools and skilled artisans can undermine artistry creativity in choosing works’ size and metarials.

Materima gives artists instruments and knowledge to accomplish their works. Sculptor will be able to rely on handicraftsmen’s help to make larger and shape models, a foundry, marble and pottery laboratories and a chalcography for every need.

Materima will preserve trades such as marble worker, waxwork refiner or bronze chaser. These figures, who have contributed to the success of Italian art in the world, risk disappearing soon. Materima, like a modern Renaissance workshop, is the place where artisans of various specialities can cooperate in helping artists to achieve their projects.

Starting from an idea by Nicola Loi, then supported by Regione Piemonte, the gallery of plaster casts of twentieth-century and contemporary Italian sculpture, projected by Gregotti Associati, is almost ready.

Furthermore a library preserving sculpture pablications will make Materima a place of comprehensive cultural enrichment.